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click here to see photography of fine furniture
Furniture Photographer / George Gray & Assoc.
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Established in 1972 to provide high quality photographic services for business having a need to record or advertise people, product and places.

Specialty: Location Photography at Manufacturing Plants & Retail
Furniture Photographer and Home Accessories
• Very Large & Small Table Top Products
• Interior & Exterior of Property & Buildings
• Business Portrait
• Environmental Business Portraits
• Editorial Business Portraits
• Documentation of Construction Sites
• Special Events

Film and Digital Services Include:

• Pre-Press/Page Layout and Assemblies/Make Readies for Printing
• 4-Color Printing Press Services
• Superior Black & White Inkjet Printing
• Superior Color Corrected Inkjet Printing
• Sharp & Corrected Color Images for Web Pages & E-Mail Advertising
• On Location, High Speed, Color Printing

Serving Los Angeles, Orange County & Inland Empire of California

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Los Angeles and South Bay • CA • USA
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click here to see photography of fine furniture